My Year in Reading: Cassie-la’s November 2015 Wrap Up

November 2015 Book Wrap Up

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (★★★★★)

Everyone stop what you’re doing and READ THIS BOOK! I know I say this a lot, but you need this book in your life. A must for fans of magic, boarding schools, wizards, wizard boarding schools, Harry Potter and everyone who wanted Draco and Harry to get together in an alternate universe where Draco just so happens to be a vampire.

Old Man Logan Vol. 0: Warzones by Brian Michael Bendis (★★★★)

Old Man Logan returns in this new Marvel series to take on Battleworld. Sure, it’s no Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan, but the arc has some of the charm of its original predecessor, which really shines when Wolverine travels through the other areas of the patchwork planet.

Thors: Battleworld by Jason Aaron (★★★ ½)

The Thors are tasked with policing Battleworld, the planet made up of pieces of the Marvel multiverse now ruled by former Doctor turned Emperor Doom. While the Thor Corps is a fun mix of Thors throughout the universe (you go Groot Thor!), it wasn’t the strongest Secret Wars story line I read.

1602 Witch Hunter Angela by Marguerite Bennett (★★★★)

While I’m not always 100% clear on what’s happening in the Angela arcs, I am always a big fan of the artwork, and the illustrations in Witch Hunter Angela have been the prettiest by far. Throw in some cameos from Shakespeare and Kit Marlow and this is one new series I will continue keeping up with.

The Sandman: Overture by Neil Gaiman (★★★★★)

There’s not really much to say about this one except that it’s a brand new Sandman story so you pretty much have to read it. From the gorgeous artwork to the twisting story line and all the characters Gaiman dreams up, this is a fabulous addition to the Sandman oeuvre.

Green River Killer: A True Detective Story by Jeff Jensen (★★★★ ½)

Based on the true story of Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer, this Eisner-winning graphic novel was written from the perspective of detective Tom Jensen, the author’s father. Creepy and horrifying, I devoured this graphic novel in one sitting.

Winter: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (★★★★★)

While I went more in-depth in the Spines With Wines book club livestream last night, I will say that Winter is a fitting end to the Lunar Chronicles. Meyer really tied everything up with a nice little bow that had me laughing and feeling things all the way until the very last page. [WATCH BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION]

The Favorite: A Selection Novella by Kiera Cass (★★★)

The short retellings of The Selection series from peripheral characters have been either hit or miss and The Favorite was mostly a miss. Poorly written and predictable, Marlee and Carter’s story brings nothing new to the series.

Runaways: Battleworld by Noelle Stevenson (★★★½)

Much like Thors, the new Runaways series really has nothing on the original Runaways, dreamed up by Brian K. Vaughan and later helmed by Joss Whedon. While I appreciated that Noelle Stevenson and crew continued to bring diversity into the series, it fell sort of flat.

American Vampire Vol. 8 by Scott Snyder (★★★★ ½)

Just when you didn’t think American Vampire could get any crazier, Scott Snyder ends his second cycle with a bang. Vampires in space? Vampires in motherfucking space. There are plenty of other crazy plot twists throughout the latest arc, but  I refuse to spoil any of them.


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