Top Ten Tuesday: Cassie-la’s 10 2016 Reading Resolutions

Reading Resolutions 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly original feature created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish that combines the fun of making lists with our love of books.

This week’s prompt was Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2016 and for my ten I chose a mixed bag of reading goals, blogging plans and book collecting habits.

Dear Future Me, you got this! XOXO, Past Me.

1. Complete all five reading challenges I signed up for.

For the first time ever I’m participating in several 2016 reading challenges, five to be precise. They include the TBR Pile Reading Challenge, the 2016 New Releases Challenge, Finishing the Series, Flights of Fantasy and the Horror Reading Challenge.

2. Read one book from 2014 and one book from 2015 each month.

I signed up for the TBR Pile Reading Challenge to specifically catch up on books I planned to read in 2014 and 2015 but for some reason never got to. To whittle down my to-read pile, I want to read at least one book published in 2014 and one novel from 2015 each month.

3. Finish 100 books!

After reading 94 books in 2015 and 96 books in 2014, I’m positive I can reach my goal of 100 books this year merely by trying a little harder.

4. Review more books.

Probably because of my mini-book review wrap ups at the end of each month, I have been slacking on my long form book reviews. I hope to rectify this problem in 2016.

5. Read and review in a more timely manner.

In addition to reviewing more, I would like to read and review new releases in a more timely manner — especially ARCs.

6. Continue blogging on a regular basis.

I’ve been pretty good about blogging in the last few months, and I am going to try to keep this up in the new year!

7. Catch up on comic books and keep on top of them.

Despite deciding to only read comics once they are collected as trades, I have fallen woefully behind on the comic book series I read. To rectify this problem, I want to catch up on my comics in 2016 and actually stay on top of them for once.

8. Buy less books that will lay around unread.

As my book hauls will attest, I have a bit of a book buying problem. I plan to curb this a bit this year by only buying books that I plan to read in the near future, ones that are on super sale or ones that I am beyond excited about.

9. Cull my book collection more often.

For the first time ever last year, I whittled my library down, donating books I hated and books I was no longer interested in reading. Not only did it open up more room for new books, but it felt really damn good.

10. Just read more!

As with every other year, I would be happy just reading more books. I may not be able to read 150 books like in my unemployed days, but as long as I read and read often, I’ll consider the year a success!


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Cassie-la’s 10 2016 Reading Resolutions

    • You should do it, it felt great getting them off my shelves! Especially because a lot of the books I had no interest in reading anyway. Now I have plenty of room for new reads. =)

  1. One of my big resolutions last year was to stop buying so many books. I work in a library, for goodness sake! But my weakness has always been second-hand book shops. I love vintage books, and I’m a sucker for an old, slightly battered book that’s just crying out for a loving new home. Let’s see how well we both do with our resolutions this year! 🙂

  2. I’m behind on my comic series too. I try to keep up with the few single issues I get, but trades just tend to slip by me somehow.

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