My Year in Reading: Cassie-la’s February 2016 Wrap Up

February 2016 Book Wrap Up
The Beauty Vol. 1
by Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley (★★★★)

The Beauty is a sexually transmitted disease that makes those infected thin and beautiful. Half the population has it, and plenty others are dying to contract it — except for the Anti-Beauty cells springing up around the country. Things seem to be going great, until people with the Beauty start mysteriously dying. While the first arc is a strong one, I’m hoping for more world-building in volume two.

These Vicious Masks by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas (★★★★½)

Set in Victorian-era London, These Vicious Masks explores what would happen if Jane Austen characters had super powers. Spoilers: they would have all the sass and all of the powers. While by no means ground breaking, this first book in the series is a fun distraction full of some interesting characters attempting to break the strict societal mold. [READ FULL REVIEW]

Zodiac Starforce: By the Power of Astra by Kevin Panetta (★★★★½)

Get ready to meet your new favorite magical girl squad! Say hello to Zodiac Starforce, four friends who defeat evil by harnessing the powers of their respective zodiac symbols along with the ultimate power: friendship! It took me a few issues to really get into this trade, but I’m glad I stuck with it, because things get very real very fast in this adorably illustrated new series.

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (★★★★½)

Despite some very mixed reviews from the internet — and perhaps because of them — I really enjoyed the first book in the Red Queen series. While most readers have taken points off for the derivative nature of this dystopia, not to mention the predictability of the plot, I thought the story was properly paced and extremely well written. I will definitely be picking up its sequel Glass Sword.

Paper Girls Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan (★★★★½)

Written by Brian K. Vaughan — the comic book author who gave us other incredible offerings like Y: The Last Man and Saga — comes his brand new series Paper Girls! Set in 1988, the first arc follows four 12-year-old paper girls as they fight for survival against seemingly alien forces. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry (★★★★½)

Stories within stories. Time travel. Parallel dimensions. Romance. Our February Spines with Wines book club selection had everything, including diversity, wormholes and one hell of an ending. While the religious aspects had a tendency to pull me out of the story, this contemporary seeming romance about two time-crossed lovers is anything but. [WATCH BOOK CLUB DISCUSSION]

Angels Twice Descending: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman (★★★★½)

The final story in the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy collection follows Simon, the wisecracking mundane turned vampire turned mundane as he struggles with the decision to drink from the Mortal Cup and become a Shadowhunter. Warning: this one will break and then immediately mend your shattered heart.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (★★★★½)

Set before, during and after a flu decimates the world’s population, Station Eleven follows the intersecting stories of a Hollywood actor who dies during a production of King Lear, an acting troupe who travels the post-apocalyptic countryside performing Shakespeare, and a group who creates a museum to our former civilization inside an abandoned airport. Beautifully written and strongly plotted, this is a must read.

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4 thoughts on “My Year in Reading: Cassie-la’s February 2016 Wrap Up

  1. You had a great reading month! So many 4.5 star books! I’ve only read the first two or three issues of Zodiac Starforce but I’m REALLY looking forward to the trade! And also for Paper Girls. I love Cliff’s art so I was sold on that one when they announced it at Image Expo. I’m glad we both ended up enjoying Red Queen more than a lot of other brutal reviwers on goodreads did! And I’m really looking forward to discussing The Love that Split the World with you and Mel this weekend!

    • They’re both spectacular! I was into Paper Girls right away, Zodiac Starforce took me an issue or two before I was sold.

      Yes, although I’ve heard even more more mixed things about Glass Sword. Eeep.

      Can’t wait to discuss the Love That Split the World!!! I’m super curious about your rating since it’s blank on GoodReads. =)

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