Book Cover Battle: ‘The Shadow Hour’ by Melissa Grey – US Cover VS. UK Cover

The Shadow Hour Book Cover Battle Melissa Gret

Tomorrow (July 12) is the debut of the second book in Melissa Grey’s The Girl At Midnight series: The Shadow Hour!

To celebrate its book birthday, we thought yet another book cover battle was in order — especially because The Girl at Midnight was our first ever BCB! My how time flies.

So, which cover wore it better, the US version (left) or the UK version (right)?

Head below the jump for an official synopsis and vote for which cover you’d fork over your money for.

Everything in Echo’s life changed in a blinding flash when she learned the startling truth: she is the firebird, the creature of light that is said to bring peace.

The firebird has come into the world, but it has not come alone. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and Echo can feel a great and terrible darkness rising in the distance. Cosmic forces threaten to tear the world apart.

Echo has already lost her home, her family, and her boyfriend. Now, as the firebird, her path is filled with even greater dangers than the ones she’s already overcome.

She knows the Dragon Prince will not fall without a fight.

Echo must decide: can she wield the power of her true nature–or will it prove too strong for her, and burn what’s left of her world to the ground?

Welcome to the shadow hour.

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