Philip Pullman Announces His Brand New Trilogy ‘The Book of Dust’


Philip Pullman — you know the one — is returning to the His Dark Materials series with a brand new trilogy entitled The Book of Dust.

And in case you don’t know us at all, we’re pretty damn excited about it.

How excited? This excited:


The first book in the series will take place at the same time as His Dark Materials and will even feature the return of Lyra Belacqua, who is set to appear in the first two volumes of the trilogy, from infancy to 10 years after the end of the original series.

Teased Pullman, “at the center of The Book of Dust is the struggle between a despotic and totalitarian organization, which wants to stifle speculation and inquiry, and those who believe thought and speech should be free.”

“It doesn’t stand before or after His Dark Materials, but beside it,” he continued. “It’s a different story, but there are settings that readers of His Dark Materials will recognize and characters they’ve met before.”

The untitled first novel in The Book of Dust trilogy will be published around the world surprisingly soon: October 19, 2017.


(via The Guardian)


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