Must Love Dogs (And Cats): Cassie-la Reviews ‘The Maiden Poodle’ by S.G. Browne

The Maiden Poodle: A Fairy Tail by S.G. Browne
Format: Galley provided by the author
Release Date:
June 27, 2017
: Fiction, fantasy, fairy tale, children’s, humor, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary: Once upon a time — that time being now — the kingdom of Felinia was taken over by the nefarious King Griffen, an anthropomorphic cat who spends all his time in bed. Determined to free Felinia from his evil clutches is a group of dogs set on deposing the king and restoring the just Prince Atticus to the throne, all while freeing the Maiden Poodle, a renowned sorceress and revolutionary from the castle dungeons.

Author S.G. Browne’s adult novels are known for their intriguing premises and biting satire, but his latest story is a complete departure from all that.

Written for children, and children at heart, Browne’s independently published novella is set in the fictional kindgom of Felinia, where once upon a time royal cats and peasant dogs lived together in harmony.

That all changed however when the evil King Griffen stole the throne from his Uncle, relegating dogs to a life of servitude and stale kibble. Now it’s up to a group of rebellious pooches to dethrone King Griffen and restore order to Felinia — if they can stop chasing the mailman long enough to do it.

Did I mention that they’re anthropomorphic animals, because they’re totally anthropomorphic animals.

Despite being largely unlike his adult novels, The Maiden Poodle still manages to spotlight Browne’s trademark humor, including the appearance of a former slave dog who was forced to chase a mechanical rabbit around a track, a pooch who was imprisoned for constantly barking at the garbage collector, a local tabloid called The Daily Mews and a cat king who spends the majority of his time sleeping in a luxurious oversized bed. Not to mention a couple instances of fourth wall breaking.

As a huge fan of Browne’s adult work, I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about his novel for children — especially since I’ve been leaning away from children and middle grade fiction as of late — but I really enjoyed this novella.

Super cute and fast paced, Browne did not lie when he said this story is perfect for both animal loving children and adults.


  • Quick and easy read, nicely paced
  • Full of cute dog and cat jokes (as well as cute dogs and cats)
  • Technically written for children, but can still be enjoyed by adults
  • Browne’s trademark humor is still present


  • There is no bad, only Zuul

You can buy The Maiden Poodle now through Amazon!


2 thoughts on “Must Love Dogs (And Cats): Cassie-la Reviews ‘The Maiden Poodle’ by S.G. Browne

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