Do Some Good: Donate a Book (or Two, or Three)

We need your help! And by we I mean our community service group Kindness Corps, which operates out of the Pride Center of NJ.

We are running a book donation drive in the month of October benefiting the organization LGBT Books to Prisoners, which is a “trans-affirming, racial justice-focused, prison abolitionist project sending books to incarcerated LGBTQ-identified people across the United States.”

They are currently looking for softcover books that are new — or like new — in the following categories (listed after the jump).

-LGBTQ materials (especially trans, gay and bi materials, non-fiction and fiction alike)
-Dictionaries (English, preferably softcover)
-Drawing or art (preferably how-to)
-Books in Spanish for native speakers
-African American, Latin@, and Native American history or non-fiction
-Contemporary fiction (especially urban fiction, crime fiction and thrillers)
-Mythology, occult, and alternative spirituality books
-Recent editions of textbooks

To participate:

1. Send a book (or more than one book) through Amazon. Wishlist here:


Send book(s) through the indie bookstore A Room of One’s Own. Wishlist:

2. Comment on our Facebook event page and let us know how many books you donated. Our first goal is 50.

It’s that easy.

So if you have the means, please considering helping out. Thanks in advance for your donations!

Cassie-wa and Cassie-la


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