My Year in Reading: Cassie-la’s 2018 Wrap Up

We’re almost halfway through January 2019, and in true Cassie-la fashion I’m just getting around to posting my 2018 wrap up … because this is what happens when you work full time and freelance on the side.

2018 was another dumpster fire of a year — not to be confused with all those other dumpster fires (cough2016and2017cough), but that didn’t dissuade me from reaching my goal of 100 books!

Head below the jump to check out some statistics I pulled from my 2018 book spreadsheet, and head over to Goodreads to see a visual representation of all the books I read last year.

2018 Reading Stats:

  • 100 books and 31,212 pages read
  • 63 new releases, 34 novels published before 2018 and 3 future releases
  • 59 YA books, 37 adult novels, 3 middle grade stories and 1 NA
  • 19 library books and 17 ARCs/galleys
  • 61 books in series (finished 8 and caught up on 13) and 39 standalones
  • 25 fantasy, 15 contemporary, 12 science fiction, 11 short stories, 10 thrillers, 10 graphic novels/trades, 8 short story collections, 5 nonfiction, 5 retellings, 3 poetry collections, 3 mysteries, 2 anthologies
  • 99 books bought and 118 unhauled
  • 79 female and 23 male authors

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