All Hallow’s Read: Haunted House Edition

All Hallows Read Haunted House

Happy Halloween! In addition to being the best holiday of the year, it’s also the other best holiday of the year: All Hallow’s Read!

Created by author Neil Gaiman, All Hallow’s Read has one simple rule: instead of (or in addition to) giving screaming children who ring your doorbell candy, you should also give them a scary read that will haunt them forever. Or more specifically, an age appropriate scary read.

Last year for All Hallow’s Read we gave you a list of books about creepy children who see even creepier things. This year, we figured we’d pick a more straightforward topic and share some suggestions for haunted house stories.

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All Hallow’s Read: Creepy Children Who See Even Creepier Things Edition

All Hallows Read 2014It’s that time of year again: Halloween! Which means it’s also the Neil Gaiman created holiday All Hallow’s Read, in which instead of (or in addition to) giving strange children non-strange candy you can also gift them with the joy of reading. Or more specifically, books.

Children are inevitably creepy – especially children who talk about their dead ghost friends – which is why for this year’s All Hallow’s Read (not to be confused with the only other year we did this) our suggestions are centered around children who have a preternatural ability to see dead people. Or just dead things.

If you have no desire to go out this Halloween and would much rather stay inside cuddled up with a spooky book and some warm cider while avoiding the ghosts, ghouls and Queen Elsas wandering the streets, you may want to check out these terrifying offerings.

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All Hallow’s Read: Kelly and Cassie-la’s Money Saving Tips and Scariest Picks

For those of you who don’t know, All Hallow’s Read is a newly formed tradition created by fantasy master, author, and all around awesome guy Neil Gaiman in 2010.

The premise is this: there are not enough holidays/traditions which revolve around book giving, so why not give away books to Trick or Treaters or friends on Halloween? All Hallow’s Read is all about gifting people with scary books over gum disease.

This year, there was the added tradition of dropping books around town in public places for people to find, with an All Hallow’s Read sticker inside explaining the books appearance.

For more information on All Hallow’s Read, go to the website: and bring the tradition to your neighborhood.

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