Blog Tour: ‘Wicked Saints’ by Emily A. Duncan (Creator Q&A)

Happy book birthday to Emily A. Duncan’s debut novel Wicked Saints, which hit shelves everywhere today.

The first book in the Something Dark and Holy series, Wicked Saints is an action-packed young adult fantasy that follows a girl who talks to gods (all of them), a prince who practices blood magic in the least offensive way possible, and a mysterious boy with a serious rebellious streak.

Ready to learn more about this brand-new novel and celebrate its release? Keep reading for a Q&A with author Emily A. Duncan.

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Creator Q&A: ‘The Mechanic’ Author Ian Evans and Illustrator Loriana Takacs

Writer and teacher Ian Evans has created something truly unique: The Mechanic, an existential poem that’s illustrated to mimic a one-shot comic book.

The illustrated verse centers around the titular mechanic, who dwells on his life while working on a vehicle. According to the author, “it is a dark, psychological character study revolving around the theme of how the routines of a mundane life come into conflict with the desire to leave a lasting impact on the world.

To learn more about this unique work, we had a virtual chat with the author himself, and the comic’s illustrator Loriana Takacs, who are in the process of funding their intriguing project through Kickstarter.

Head below the jump for the full Q&A!

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Creator Q&A: ‘Scream All Night’ Author Derek Milman

Actor and horror movie aficionado Derek Milman’s debut novel Scream All Night is a love letter to classic B-horror movies, but it’s also a coming of age story about Dario Heyward, the son of an infamous director who knows that monsters are sometimes found behind the camera.

After legally emancipating himself from his legendary father, Lucien, Dario is forced to return to Moldavia Studios — the real-life castle and filming location for all of Lucien’s movies — at the behest of his older brother, and is sucked back into the life he worked so hard to escape.

On its surface, the story is a fun look at the eccentric cast and crew of a movie studio, and an exploration of the B-horror movie genre, but it’s really a deep dive into grief, trauma and mental illness.

To learn more about his first novel, we sat down with Derek (virtually of course), to talk about all things SAN.

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Creator Q&A: “The Resurrectionist: The Lost Works of Dr. Spencer Black” Author and Illustrator E.B. Hudspeth

The Resurrectionist - E.B. HudspethThe Resurrectionist: The Lost Works of Dr. Spencer Black collects the various journals, letters and scientific writings of Dr. Spencer Black, who went missing under mysterious circumstances in an attempt to prove his theories about “The Perfect Human.” Allegedly.

Set in Philadelphia in the late 1870’s, the novel/illustrated guide is set-up to be the lost work of a mad scientist who believes that mutations in humanity are our body’s attempt to regrow pieces it once had. Wings, horns, a more fully functioning brain, etc.

There’s just one thing that sets this book apart, it’s written as if it were piecing together the real studies of Black by author E.B. Hudspeth despite him being a fictional person. Think The Princess Bride but with more animals being sewn together and less Rodents of Unusual Size.

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