Blog Policies


Please send all review submissions to admin [at] bibliomantics [dot] com. We are currently accepting published works from authors, editors, friends of friends and publishers. We are not taking self-published works at this time, even if they are offered through Amazon, Lulu, or printed in your basement.

What to Send?

Accepted Submissions: young adult, horror, humor, satire, interesting non-fiction, historical fiction, anthologies, anything with supernatural/paranormal elements
Rejected Submissions: erotica, 50 Shades of Grey, anything by authors comparative to Nicholas Sparks or James Patterson, crime dramas, chick-lit, texts with a religious focus, self-published works

Please Include: your name, the book title, and a brief summary/synopsis of the book — anything that you think will pique our interest to admin [at] bibliomantics [dot] com

Digital Copies: .mobi files preferred, PDFs also accepted, gifted Amazon versions especially appreciated
Physical Copies: contact admin [at] bibliomantics [dot] com to get contributor addresses

How to Send It?

Cassie-la (Cassandra Rose) is in charge of all email correspondence, so please address all requests to her or the Bibliomantics through admin [at] bibliomantics [dot] com. If you would like to request a specific contributor to review your work — whether it be because you like their writing style or think they will enjoy your work the most — please say so.


In addition to reviewing books and keeping our audience up to date on the latest book news, we also love hosting giveaways and creator Q&A’s!

You can find examples of our past giveaways and interviews on our blog. To set something up, please contact us via email: admin [at] bibliomantics [dot] com.


In accordance with FTC guidelines, any and all products provided for review purposes have been given by the publisher or author in exchange for an honest and fair review — paid or sponsored posts will be marked as such. reserves the right to refuse to review a product or service if it is not something we would like to endorse.

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