Hot Off the Proverbial Presses: December 3, 2013

Dangerous Women George R R MartinDangerous Women [edited] by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

All new and original to this volume, the 21 stories in Dangerous Women include work by twelve New York Times bestsellers, and seven stories set in the authors’ bestselling continuities—including a new “Outlander” story by Diana Gabaldon, a  tale of Harry Dresden’s world by Jim Butcher, a story from Lev Grossman set in the world of The Magicians, and a 35,000-word novella by George R. R. Martin about the Dance of the Dragons, the vast civil war that tore Westeros apart nearly two centuries before the events of A Game of Thrones.

Also included are original stories of dangerous women–heroines and villains alike–by Brandon Sanderson, Joe Abercrombie, Sherilynn Kenyon, Lawrence Block, Carrie Vaughn,  S. M. Stirling, Sharon Kay Penman, and many others.
Writes Gardner Dozois in his Introduction, “Here you’ll find no hapless victims who stand by whimpering in dread while the male hero fights the monster or clashes swords with the villain, and if you want to tie these women to the railroad tracks, you’ll find you have a real fight on your hands.  Instead, you will find sword-wielding women warriors, intrepid women fighter pilots and far-ranging spacewomen, deadly female serial killers, formidable female superheroes, sly and seductive femmes fatale, female wizards, hard-living Bad Girls, female bandits and rebels, embattled survivors in Post-Apocalyptic futures, female Private Investigators, stern female hanging judges, haughty queens who rule nations and whose jealousies and ambitions send thousands to grisly deaths, daring dragonriders, and many more.”

WHY WE’RE EXCITED: Duh, it’s an anthology about bad ass women as told by Dresden Files author Jim Butcher, historical fiction writer extraordinaire Sharon Kay Penman, The Magicians‘ Lev Grossman and George R. R. Martin! (Shouldn’t you be writing Winds of Winter though?)

Bonus: you can now listen to an excerpt of GRRM’s novella as read by Jorah Mormont himself Iain Glen. Albeit with his real accent. But we forgive him because he’s Scottish and he reads it with all the voices.

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All Your Dates Are Belong to Us: Cassie-la Says Shut Up and Give All Your Money to “The Geek’s Guide to Dating” by Eric Smith

Geeks Guide to Dating Eric SmithThe Geek’s Guide to Dating by Eric Smith (Advanced Reader Copy)
Release Date: December 3, 2013
Genre: Nonfiction, advice, dating, geekery, humor, do you have what it takes to give her the ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL!?!
Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

Summary: Geekadelphia co-founder, runner of the Philadelphia Geek Awards, author and teacher Eric Smith can help the geeks of the world find love. You know, assuming that they want to find love. There’s no jokes about fat dudes living in their parents basement in a haze of cheeto dust here, this is loving advice from one geek to another that just might work. You will want to check this one out.

Author and Geekadelphia founder Eric Smith gained his 15-minutes of nerd fame when he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and he sold the engagement ring he had planned to give her and bought a full set of Master Chief armor with it. He then wrote about it in a hilarious if devastating internet post entitled: Master Grief. Ring any bells? Get it, ring?

Anyway, what better person to pen a book of dating advice by a geek for a geek? One who has recently landed himself a smoking hot fiance might I add. No one, that’s who.

Dateless geeks, I give you your Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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