My Year in Reading: Cassie-la’s December 2015 Book Haul

New Book Releases

New Book Releases December 2015 Book Haul

It’s a Wonderful Death by Sarah J. Schmitt
Wolf By Wolf by Ryan Graudin

Amazon Holiday Sale

Infernal Devices Mortal Instruments Spines

The Infernal Devices the Complete Collection by Cassandra Clare
The Mortal Instruments the Complete Collection by Cassandra Clare

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Around the Interwebs: Volume XLIX

This Love Song is Inspired Entirely by Goosebumps Titles (via Laughing Squid)

Sure, this song chock full of Goosebumps book titles came out way back in 2011, but it’s seasonally appropriate. Also R.L. Stine recently shared it. The cheekily titled number “You Give Me Goosebumps” is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

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Around the Interwebs: Volume XXXV

Marissa Meyer’s New Book Deal is a Prequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and We Just Died of Antici… PATION! (On Wednesdays We Wear Pink via Marissa Meyer)

Alice Wonderland Fan Art

Marissa Meyer, author of the fantastic fractured fairy tale science fiction stories Cinder, Scarlet and the soon to be released Cress has a new book on her horizon for 2015 based on a 2012 NaNoWriMo project. Even better? That novel is a prequel to Alice in Wonderland! Our hearts just tore apart in happiness. The novel, entitled HEARTLESS, will focus on the, “tale of how a marquis’s teenage daughter became the infamous Queen of Hearts. It will be a story of whimsy and madness, passion and tragedy, ravens and writing desks.” We cannot wait. More information about the project can be found on Meyer’s blog.

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Around the Interwebs: Volume XXXII

Black Milk Clothing Has a Harry Potter Themed Line Out Now (via Black Milk)

Black Milk Harry Potter

Black Milk Clothing the purveyor of all clothing nylon and nerdy has added another franchise to their growing roster (which includes Star Wars and Lord of the Rings) but this time around it’s our favorite franchise of all: Harry Potter. The one downside to this is that means that it’s officially licensed Warner Bros. merchandise and therefore everything Ravenclaw is silver and blue and covered in ravens, not blue and bronze and covered in eagles. Sorry Ravenclaws! You can check out the full line of awesome available for sale now through Black Milk. May we suggest the awesome Deathly Hallows leggings?

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Hot Off the Proverbial Presses: July 16, 2013

This Is How You Die Ryan NorthThis Is How You Die: Stories of the Inscrutable, Infallible, Inescapable Machine of Death [edited] by Matthew Bennardo, David Malki and Ryan North

If a machine could predict how you would die, would you want to know? This is the tantalizing premise of This Is How You Die, the brilliant follow-up anthology to the self-published bestseller, Machine of Death.

The machines started popping up around the world. The offer was tempting: with a simple blood test, anyone could know how they would die. But the machines didn’t give dates or specific circumstances-just a single word or phrase. DROWNED, CANCER, OLD AGE, CHOKED ON A HANDFUL OF POPCORN. And though the predictions were always accurate, they were also often frustratingly vague. OLD AGE, it turned out, could mean either dying of natural causes, or being shot by an elderly, bedridden man in a botched home invasion. The machines held onto that old-world sense of irony in death: you can know how it’s going to happen, but you’ll still be surprised when it does.

This addictive anthology–sinister, witty, existential, and fascinating–collects the best of the thousands of story submissions the editors received in the wake of the success of the first volume, and exceeds the first in every way.

WHY WE’RE EXCITED: A follow up to the intriguing anthology Machine of Death, in which a machine predicts how you will die with hilarious consequences. No, really.

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