5 Fandom Friday: Five Favorite Places to Read

Pushing Daisies Book

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly feature created by Super Space Chick and The Nerdy Girlie that aims to build a blogging community and foster online friendships.

Thankfully, this week’s topic — five favorite places to read — is right up my (and this blog’s) alley, because I have not taken part in this meme since February.

So without further ado, keep going for the top five places I love reading a good book! Spoilers: it’s everywhere.

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My Year in Reading: Cassie-la’s November 2015 Book Haul

New Book Releases – Part 1

November 2015 Book Haul New

Slade House (UK Edition) by David Mitchell
Winter: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
She Walks in Shadows [edited] by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles

Slade House – Closer Look

Slade House Cover Book Haul

New Book Releases – Part 2

Alice Wonderland November 2015 Book Haul

The Annotated Alice: 150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition by Lewis Carroll, [edited] by Martin Gardner
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Rifle Paper Co. Edition) by Lewis Carroll
Alice’s Adventures Under Ground by Lewis Carroll

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My Year in Reading: Cassie-la’s February 2015 Wrap Up


The Boy in the Smoke: A Shades of London Book by Maureen Johnson

This prequel to Maureen Johnson’s supernatural/paranormal series Shades of London is a must read. Especially for fans of Stephen Dene. Bonus: it’s available on Wattpad for free!

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky by Marissa Meyer

Apparently I was big on my prequel stories last month — this adorable short from Marissa Meyer’s fractured fairy tale series The Lunar Chronicles features the always confident and sassy Carswell Thorne.

The Boy Who Drew Monsters by Keith Donohue

Part monster, part ghost story, Keith Donohue’s frightening and shocking tome is suspenseful right up until the very end. And what an ending.

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Hot Off the Proverbial Presses: February 24, 2015

No Parking at the End TimesNo Parking at the End Times by Bryan Bliss

Abigail’s parents believed the world was going to end. And—of course—it didn’t. But they’ve lost everything anyway. And she must decide: does she still believe in them? Or is it time to believe in herself? Fans of Sara Zarr, David Levithan, and Rainbow Rowell will connect with this moving debut.

Abigail’s parents never should have made that first donation to that end-of-times preacher. Or the next, or the next. They shouldn’t have sold their house. Or packed Abigail and her twin brother, Aaron, into their old van to drive across the country to San Francisco, to be there for the “end of the world.” Because now they’re living in their van. And Aaron is full of anger, disappearing to who-knows-where every night. Their family is falling apart. All Abigail wants is to hold them together, to get them back to the place where things were right.

But maybe it’s too big a task for one teenage girl. Bryan Bliss’s thoughtful debut novel is about losing everything—and about what you will do for the people you love.

WHY WE’RE EXCITED: Finally, a rapture novel where people have to deal with the cold hard truth that the rapture is never happening.

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