Cinema Paradiso: Kelly Picks Five Books She’d Like to See Adapted to Film

Quick and dirty post tonight. A few weeks ago, my friend Jasmine and I were talking about things. She is currently studying abroad in Denmark, and so we were discussing classes and what-not. The subject turned to graduate school and I said, “you know, how hard can it be?” She evaluated this bold statement for a moment and said, “I feel like those are famous last words.”

Prophetic words my friend, absolutely prophetic. The reading! So much theory about information, and metatheory and searching and findability and berry-picking information – like on huckleberry bushes, since they don’t grow in clusters you have to search it out and… What am I even saying? Like Huckleberry Finn, I’m ready to bolt from “sivilization.”

Or just watch mindless television instead of doing my homework. Scrolling through Netflix Instant, browsing (or info seeking – aaah I can’t get grad school terminology out of my brain) I can’t help but notice all the crappy movies based on good books. Or just recycled plots and boring rom-coms. Blargh. So my procrastinating student brain started thinking about all the books I would love to see as movies. Though I know they would most likely be let-downs, followed by heavy critique, it’s still exciting to speculate. Join me after jump for the top five books I’d like to see adapted to film.

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What Do You Do With a BA in English? No, Seriously.

Sorry for the lack of post last Sunday! I was busy participating in a very important event. The short of it is that everyone was walking around wearing robes and funny hats, and all things considered in my life, “Harry Potter convention” would be a really good guess, but actually it was GRADUATION.

Hooray! *confetti* *party blowers* *general hoopla and tomfoolery*

After four years of whacky college fun, I now officially have a DEGREE! A good, old-fashioned Bachelor of Arts in, wait for it, ENGLISH and MEDIEVAL STUDIES. Hooray! *confetti* *etc*

So now that I have this shiny, new degree, what am I going to do with it?

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Let’s Talk Tattoos: Kelly Preps for More Literary Ink

Library Tattoo Born to ReadMy library has been moving to a new building for the past 2.5 weeks, and let me share one thing I’ve learned: BOOKS ARE HEAVY. And rearranging 2 closets, a circulation desk, and an entire freaking library is not relaxing. It has also reconfirmed something I’ve known for ages: people don’t think rules apply to them. We have a GIANT sign on the door stating we are closed to the public. I stopped counting the number of people who come in and say “I know you’re closed, but…” and then they want a book or a movie or to use the computers. I have to fight the urge to chase them out with a stick while shrieking obscenities.

Seriously, closed means CLOSED to everyone, including you, lady who is going on vacation and didn’t get books while we were open even though I personally told you 3 times and now expects to be let into the building and freaks out when you say no –

Where was I? Oh yes, well quite frankly… I don’t want to look at a book when I come home. I want to watch mindless television and sleep and drink heavily. The library has finally killed my desire to read (temporarily, of course).

But it has not doused my desire to cover my porcelain skin with literary-inspired ink!

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